A renaissance festival in the desert? That’s not the right climate! Whether or not it bothers you that a festival is overlooked  by the mighty saguaro cactus rather than the verdant trees of a sylvan glen, the fact is Arizona knows how to put on a great renaissance festival.

Currently celebrating its 25th year, the annual Arizona Renaissance Festival is held a short highway-drive away from the town of Apache Junction, roughly one hour from the heart of Phoenix. It also happens to be in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains–a place that has its legends and lore due to the story of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine (if you want some bonus historical fun, check out some of the tours of these folklore-rich mountains).

The advantage of having a renaissance festival in the vast desert–besides the dry sunny weather–is that it has the space to be one of the largest in the country. According to the Arizona Ren Fair’s website, the festival is made up of five major events all brought together into one area:

  • Thirteen stages of continuous live entertainment,
  • An outdoor circus,
  • A medieval arts and crafts fair,
  • A jousting tournament (three bouts each day,) and
  • A day-long feast.

Famous attractions at the faire are the Pleasure Feast (true royal treatment with food and drink for an hour and a half!), the Da Vinci Flying Machine, and the Piccolo Pony–a rocking horse bigger than an elephant.

For 25 years, the Arizona Renaissance Festival has been an oasis of 16th century fun right in the heart of the dusty American West. Contact us for more info on the festivals across the 50 states and for some of the best vestment you can find for your enjoyment.