The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire in Ansonia, Connecticut invites you to explore their fantasy world of magic, fairies, Lords and Ladies of a time long, long ago.  The Faire takes place over three weekends starting June 22 and running through July 7.  Make plans to see at least one of their Saturday night shows which begin at 7:00PM.

This Faire offers something for everyone and is a truly interactive experience.  They do something unique in that there is a storyline they follow to help set the stage for your visit.  They will surround you in the world of the Shire of Anleigh, in the Kingdom of Cuulayne, is the home of King Tonitrus and Queen Erulisse.

This year, as you wander through the medieval village, you will bear witness to the final chapter in their 3 year story.

They want you to be forewarned because:

“Death has filled the land, and it seems both sides are anxious for a treaty. So they’ve come together in the last neutral territory, the Shire of Anleigh, where the war began. But someone has other plans…One way or another…it all comes to an end here.”

While they are still adding acts and demonstrations and fine-tuning the schedule, some of the performances seen there last year included:

Daniel GreenWolf an amazing comedian and magician, his act was “voted as one of the top five non-musical acts in the United States four years in a row by Renaissance Magazine and Renaissance Music Podcast.”

Knights of Gore  with them you can expect a very entertaining and exciting combat act that follows a storyline all through the day.

Ed the Wizard will remind you of a young Merlin and he may be just as talented as well.  He is a Faire favorite and it will be worth you while to seek him out during your visit.

Red Dog Forge is a fascinating demonstration of the art of blacksmithing.

Embracing the Earth  Watching the potter’s wheel and the skill of the potter at work is always a bit of a zen-like experience.

A visitor favorite at the The Midsummer Fantasy Faire is the Flippyn Byrd Tavern where they have Mead on the menu!  Of course, you will find many delightful culinary treats to enjoy during the day. Last year there were nine different caterers in attendance with some unique food choices available such as the Thai Food of the Indochine Pavillion.

The Faire also has a very diverse group of artisans and craftspersons in attendance.  A past visitor who posted on Yelp wrote, “great wares to buy. I could spend all day just shopping”.  Don’t forget, for a truly authentic experience, medieval attire is suggested.

So, you have been invited… “Choose your side. Join the battle. Win the world.”