Yes, it’s true, they even have a renaissance festival in the Arctic.  The 3 Barons Renaissance Festival is an Anchorage, Alaska citizen-favorite and an event that is planned and looked forward to all year long.  This year will be their 20th Anniversary!  They would like you to join them June 1st & 2nd and 8th & 9th at The Tozier Dog Track on Tudor Road.

Each weekend the Faire features a specific theme and all attendees are encouraged to come in period dress and in a medieval state of mind.  On weekend one, the theme is Pirates.  Don a black leather skull cap, a big gold earring and tie a stuffed parrot to your shoulder because that way you will feel like one of the crew.  There will be pirate gold for the winners of the finest Pirate attire of the day.

The theme of weekend two is Fantasy where you will be invited to come as whatever tickles your fancy.  Always wanted to be “a pineapple under the sea?”  Or maybe you see yourself as a Fairy Princess or any other character from your favorite video game to heroes of literature or characters from stage or screen.  This is your chance to be anything you want to be.  Prizes will be awarded so get creative!

This festival also gives you the opportunity to enjoy three courts where you will find yourself immersed in three different worlds.

The Red Court – “A gathering of players portraying an Italian noble household with their household staff”

The Blue Court – “Traveling from the mysterious lands of the south, the mighty Blue Baron Amin once again graces the village of Hillshire with the many wonders his court has to offer”

The Green Court –  “Baron Victor Steele and Baroness Rayna Terra Steele return to Hillshire along with their steely eyed retinue of men, women, and nefarious guards: the Iron Wolves”

Be sure to look for these favorites which are just a few of the various performers and acts that you can see throughout the festival:

Crooked Toad Tavern Show – find this pub where this group of talented pirates will tell stories and sing songs for your entertainment.

Tomato Wives & Sons – are guaranteed to have everyone in stitches as they share with you a really fun, and really messy way of expressing your distain for the acting at the Tomato Show.

The Alchemists Guild – magicians and merchants who will entertain you with stage magic and puppet shows.  You will also see them throughout the festival grounds.

For the ultimate Festival experience, dress in your finest period garb and attend the Mid Fair Feast on Friday, June 7.  Enjoy live entertainment, a delicious buffet and exciting auctions.  Dinner and a show for just $20!

Visit our website If you need some help putting together just the right costume for your 3 Barons Renaissance Festival experience.