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About Medieval Faires

about us

Medieval Faires is a website aimed to support, highlight and show all the events around medieval festivals in the country. You can read about the history, related events and traditions. We support and write about performances that take place in different states, cities and have a goal to gather people, make a fun festival, tell about old times and modern features. You can learn more about the differences among the states. In our blog you can find archived posts from old events, watch photos and videos from the past, compare it’s chronology and features. Some festivals offer to people take part in live performances, adding some unique vision, share your vision and learn more about traditions. Festivals always offer tasty dishes, drinks to try. We invite everyone to become a part of our community, to learn more about the same experience in different states and try yourself in new ways. You always can ask questions about any festivals and make any suggestions. Administrations are always open to new participants, fresh views. Sharing your experience you can add new features to old traditions and become a part of a new history.

About us