Q: What advertising subscriptions are available to me on Medieval Faires?

  • Get added to our Renaissance festival listFREE event listing ($0.00/mo)
    Special time-limited offer: No charges for simply listing your event! Upgrade to a “Featured” listing on the homepage for only $50/mo. Renews monthly.
  • Inquire about advertising with Medieval Faires300 x 250 px – King’s banner, dedicated ($250/mo)
    The most eye-catching seat in the house! Lease this prime real estate, front and center on MedievalFaires.com. Great for building your brand, increasing exposure and improving your sales. Renews monthly.
  • Inquire about advertising with Medieval Faires300 x 150 px – Lord’s banner, rotating ($150/mo)
    Share front-page glory with your mates! 300 pixels by 150 pixels of attention-grabbing movement. Visitors notice the scrolling ads and linger to uncover the treasure you’ve hidden for them. Do NOT disappoint. Renews monthly.
  • Inquire about advertising with Medieval Faires468 x 60 px – Queen’s banner ($350/mo)
    Find your landscape banner on the inner pages, tucked snugly and prominently at the bottom of ~EVERY~ event we have in our directory! Talk about influence! Easily the most powerful ad space offered at MedievalFaires.com. Multiple exposures means multiple clicks, your majesty. Renews monthly.
  • Inquire about advertising with Medieval FairesArcher’s links, five faire review article links ($50/mo)
    5 outbound “dofollow” links from your own faire review article. Imagine five arrows spiriting targeted traffic to your site every month, with laser-like accuracy. Renews monthly.

Q: What type of files do you accept for banners?

  • JPG, GIF and PNG.

Q: If we don’t have banners or a review article, can you create them for us? How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Yes, we can create non-animated banners or a custom review for you. It will take approximately one week depending on the specs. We typically charge a $100 flat rate for creating non-animated banners or for writing an event review.

Q: Does our banner animation have to cease after a certain amount of time?

Yes, if the banner you supply us is animated, the animation must cease after 15 seconds.

Q: What is your ad approval process like?

Prior approval from Medieval Faires must be given for use of ads. All ads require 72-hour approval by site and submission 1 week prior to contract start date.

In the case of extreme negative user feedback/interference, we reserve the right to pull creative prior to campaign delivery. The advertiser would then have the right to submit a new ad, article and/or link, pending approval by the Medieval Faires team.

Q: Do rate increases occur?

Yes. As more and more traffic and value is poured into the Medieval Faires website, you can expect the advertising rates to increase. That being the case, if you’re already in a 6 or 12-month contract, your price will be locked in until your contract renews, unless otherwise negotiated.

Q: How do we begin advertising with MedievalFaires.com?

Inquire about advertising with Medieval FairesInterested in advertising your Renaissance festival or services on the Medieval Faires website? Add yourself to our list by writing us. We will call you to determine what ad placement may best fit your needs and will get you signed up–space permitting.