Fair maidens abound at King Richard’s Faire, one of New England’s largest renaissance fairs. Every year, from August 31st through October 20th, pirates, adventurers, and knights from the kingdom of Boston and beyond venture out to Carver, Massachusetts for a weekend of fun and festivities. As one of the biggest fairs in New England, there are plenty of opportunities to dress up, have fun, and otherwise enjoy the atmosphere of the middle ages.

The food is one thing at King Richard’s Faire that makes the event so spectacular. From great hanks of meat hanging off a turkey leg to roasts that would be the envy of a king, this faire has it all. The prices are a bit steep as far as food goes, but are about average for a ren faire. It’s far worth the quality of the fare, though. Almost everything is cooked-to-order, and delicious to boot.

Another thing that’s great about King Richard’s Faire are the games and activities. From jousting to hawking to games such as ring toss, as well as human-powered carnival rides, everyone from children to adults will have something to do or see here. The highlight of the faire most years is the jousting competition. This amazing spectacle of strength and endurance is held, as always, on horseback, and usually involves at least six knights.

The third thing that’s worth catching is the renaissance garb available at the faire. From a fair maiden’s dress to a sorcerer’s cloak, just about anything can be gotten at the faire. Some of New England and beyond’s best artists and vendors make their way out to the faire every year, and the result is an enviable array of high-quality clothing and trinkets available for purchase.

There you have it, three reasons to attend this year’s King Richard’s Faire! This spectacle is not one to be missed, and it’s definitely one of the best faires in the country. Hope to see you there!