The Michigan Renaissance Festival is held partly in Holly Township Michigan and partly in Groveland Township Michigan.  So its founders decided to combine these two names to create a fictional village called Hollygrove, England, and the fair recreates the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in this village.  However, fantasy elements are mixed with strictly historical ones, and you’ll find mermaids, sirens and wizards mixed with Vikings, rogues, wenches and pirates.  Here are some of the entertainments found at the Michigan Renaissance Festival:

1. The Tartanics:  This is a great highland band featuring two bagpipes, three percussionists and a dancer.  The men wear kilts and do more than just play music; they include comedy in their routine which makes for a great performance overall.  The Tartanics have released several albums, including Unleashed and Uncivilized; they started touring the U.S. in 2001 and have graced stages in Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Phoenix, Dallas and, of course, Michigan.

2. Merbella Live Mermaids: These mermaids swim in a 1000 gallon tank and interact with children and adults alike.

3.  Sirena Sirens:  This show features the three sirens, Aglaope, Legeia and Raidne, who lured men in from the deep with their enchanting music.  At the fair, they present a musical show with drumming and dancing; their original music is sure to cast a spell on the entire audience.

4.  Splatter Time Players Mud Show:  Twin brothers James and Lickity used to perform their mud show for their father.  Since their father’s demise (so they say) they’ve been bickering over their inheritance and bring their grievances to the mud show, allowing the audience to decide the winner.

5.  The Bastard Monks:  This is another pair of brothers who, in trying to interpret the Bible with puppets, always end up having a fistfight.  They combine history and comedy in a hilarious show.

6.  Roundtable Productions Joust:  Roundtable Productions does historically accurate jousting shows with knights in shining armor, ladies-in-waiting and horses decorated with pageant colors, all reflecting a jousting tournament of the 1480s.  On their website, Roundtable Productions describes jousting tournaments as “the super bowl of their times” and the knights as “super stars.”  The level of historical accuracy that they reenact makes this a must-see at the Michigan Renaissance Fair.

These are just a few of the attractions at Michigan Renaissance Fair MI which also features the Washing Well Wenches, a pyrotechnics show, displays of falconry and more.  Whether you’re going to the show with adults or children, there will be something here for everyone.  Contact us for more information on entertainment at the Michigan Renaissance Fair.