Hast thou a yearning to be of a part with history and anon? To verily know and partake of ancient fare, gaming, and weaponry? Then hie ye to the land of the cowboy.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is one of the oldest in the nation, having begun in 1974 on 15 acres of an old strip-mining site. Today, the Festival hosts themed weekends throughout October and November, as well as numerous special events, including weddings. The grounds showcase wares by many artisans, and there are demonstrations in candle making, printing, metal casting, and blacksmithing. But for many people, the great allure of the Festival is the authentic entertainment.

As the festival has grown larger and more famous, the Texas Renaissance Festival’s entertainment has likewise grown more sophisticated in the costuming and historical detail. With award-winning juggling, jousting, falconry, dance, music and swordplay, the various acts not only entertain, but educate. The festival makes a point of ensuring that all routines are family-friendly and appropriate for all ages.

Looking to continually excel, the Texas Ren Fest is always open to new acts. Auditions for this year’s themed weekends will be held May 4 and May 11, 2013, at the location described in the above link. The auditions are for paid positions as specialty acts (“groups or individuals who perform music, magic, juggling, storytelling, dance, etc.”) and character actors (“featuring improvisational exercises. . . . Monologues should be of the period and no longer than two minutes. Songs must be performed a cappella.”)

So if thou should find thy heart bound to years long past, with a burning to hear the olde songs and know the making of the olde arts, rest then thy soul in the comfort of the coming festival, and prepare thyself and thy clothing thereunto it.